Every year, skiers and snowboarders have accidents due to poor visibility

Poor visibility may be the most underestimated danger. The dividing line between snow and clouds is difficult to see. Depth, drop-offs in the terrain and the steepness of the slope are difficult to estimate.

See better, stay safer

We offer you a science-based solution to enhance your vision in any conditions and boost your confidence on the slopes.

RIDGE™ Lens technology


Basierend auf Spektrometer-Laborstudien und zahlreichen realen Umgebungstests haben wir die besten Lichtfilterverhältnisse ausgewählt, um eine aussergewöhnliche Leistung auf der Piste unter allen Bedingungen zu ermöglichen



Ridge+™ photochromic lens technology


3 times longer

anti-fog solution

Based on laboratory tests our long-lasting anti-fog solution can resist fogging 3 times longer than other anti-fog lenses available on the market. Increased fog performance combined with an anti-UV filter will satisfy even the most demanding skiers and snowboarders.


Single-Layer Lens

Traditional anti-fog goggles are based on a double-layer lens where the outer lens is connected with the inner layer of anti-fog film by a foam gasket. This design significantly reduces field of view; moreover, the atmospheric pressure or temperature change during a descent affects the air trapped within and deforms the lens while distorting the visual field.

In our new single-layer lens design the anti-fog film is laminated directly on the outer lens, eliminating light reflection caused by the double-lens structure. Removing the foam gasked increases the field of vision by 15%, bringing You better clarity in a lighter form.

from our customers

The goggles are world class! In this weather I can see the contours more clearly than ever before.

Christoph Ortmanns, Dr. ETH

The goggles look really good from the outside, as well as from the inside! Cool product!

Florian Keller