Will I receive an order confirmation?

Upon successful placement of your order, an automatic acknowledgement of receipt will be sent via email. In case you did not receive the order confirmation, please contact us via info@vight.ch

How Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel an order, you can do this by sending an email to info@vight.ch Please state the order number found in your order confirmation and what items you wish to cancel. If the order has already been sent to you, you can still cancel the order within 14 days after the delivery. Note that in such cases shipping costs will not be refunded. You will at your own expense ship the items back to us. Naturally, the returned items must be in perfect conditions.  

Is there an order limitation?

No, as a general rule there is no limitation on orders in the Vight Store . However, you cannot order more than 5 pieces of any individual item (5 products of same colour and size) per order. If you would like to order more than 10 pieces in total please contact us via info@vight.ch

Are the products I see in the store always available?

Normally, only items that are actually available are shown in the Vight Store. Although our system is updated on an ongoing basis, in exceptional cases, a certain item might be sold out at the time you send your order. However, the availability of the items you selected is automatically verified before the order process is completed and if any item is not available any more, a message will pop up on your screen.

Is it possible that sold-out products will be available again at a later time?

Yes, any item that was sold out in a certain size and/or colour might be available at a later time. Therefore, you might wish to visit Vight Store in regular intervals to verify whether you desired item is back in stock.

What is the warranty period for goggles?

Our warranty is 3 years from the purchase date!

If you have any issues with your goggles please reach out to us on info@vight.ch and we'll happily assist you. Please kindly include your order number and pictures of the issue.

What is the VLT % of the goggles?

Photochromic lens that adapts to the weather conditions with between 17 and 53% VLT 

Are the included lenses interchangeable?

Yes, to take out the lens, pull the upper and lower rims of the frame apart. This will release the lens from the notches situated at the hard plastic outriggers. To put the new lens in, start with one side, for example the left side, and get the lens notches aligned with the outriggers and slide it in place. Repeat for the right side and finish with the nose.

Our lens changing tutorial is available here. (youtube link)

Can I fit my prescription glasses under the goggles?

Yes you can! Our Highlander and Croxx models are suitable for wearing prescription glasses.